There’s an app for that. Can you believe it? Yes, there’s an app for networking. Quite a few of them, actually.

If you’re having trouble networking in some of the more traditional ways, or really just want to hit up every possible opportunity, then you should check out some of these top networking apps for business. These are not all iPhone apps either. Some of them are good for Android and/or Blackberry as well. So fear not; if you’ve got a smartphone there really is an app for that. Check out these top networking apps.

1. GroupMe

This is available on all operating systems. This app uses your location to detect where you are and connect you with the people in your area. You can then group people together and text the entire group to let them know about an upcoming event that they might be interested in attending, or other great things happening in your business.

2. Happening

This is an iPhone app which will locate upcoming events in your area. Pick and choose however many of these events you’re interested in attending, and add them right to your calendar.

3. MeetMe

Have you ever tried to find a central location for you and your business associate to meet that was in the middle of your two locations, and come up empty? Well, iPhone has an app for that. With MeetMe you can put in your location and your business associate’s location, and it will generate a list of locations you can meet that are in the middle of the two of you. It will even give you and your business associate directions to your selected location.

4. Namerick

Are you terrible with names? Not the best problem to have when you’re in business and trying to create a network. Well, with this iPhone app you can keep notes about the people you meet and their names at your fingertips at all times. With this app you can quickly write down a person’s name and a few important notes about him or her, to help you remember the person and who it was that you wanted to connect with again.

5. Vivastream

Conferences can become very crowded, busy, and intimidating places. How can you possibly meet all of the people that are going to be a fit for you and your network with thousands of people in one spot?

Well, that’s where Vivastream for iPhone comes in handy. With this app you can join the Vivastream network with your LinkedIn profile, add some tags which adequately describe you, your expertise, and your interests, and then you can locate people who are attending the event with similar tags as yours.

6. CamCard

Have you ever been at a conference and received so many business cards that you’ve wondered what to do with them all? How can you possibly get all of that information into your contact list? It’s going to take forever. Well, with CamCard for iPhone you just have to take a picture of the business card with your phone, and it will add all of the information to your phone book on your phone.

7. Shapr

This is like a matchmaking service for business. Available for Android and iPhone, this app makes it easy to grow your network by vetting other shared contacts that match your needs. The app makes it easier to find the best connections that are right for you.

Hopefully these apps will help you make some really great networking connections.

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