What is it about this title that made you want to read it?
If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that specifically it was the ‘three times’ part. That’s the hook because it is very specific, sounds very impressive and yet is believable. In reality, I can’t guarantee it will get you that much extra traffic but the tips we’re going to share can certainly lead to a significant improvement, which can also lead to some big increases in turnover and profit for your business!

So what are these tips?

Think Like Click bait

The key is to think like a click bait title. If you’re not clued in on what click bait means, it is essentially any title that uses tactics to make you click it even if you normally wouldn’t. Often, this in turn means that the title will sound emotive and that it will include some element of mystery.

A good example is something like this:

“Learn this one weird trick that is making men transform their muscle growth!”

What works about this is the ‘one weird trick’ part. Not only does it sound believable (rather than claiming it’s a supplement, which sounds money-motivated) but it also sounds interesting and people will want to know what that one mysterious factor is. And finally, you have the ‘transform muscle growth’ element which is very emotionally charged for anyone who would like to be stronger.

The combination of these things makes the title very effective at generating clicks!

Another example would be:

“10 ways to massively increase traffic to your website. Number 3 will shock you!”

That last statement here is what drives home the mystery and makes people want to find out what number three is all about. Meanwhile, the ’massive increase’ is emotionally charged and makes people imagine what that could do for their site.

Learning the Difference

Those two titles get clicks whereas titles like:

“How to build muscle from home”


“10 SEO Tips”

Just really don’t. Those two titles are far too similar to things we’ve seen before to be interesting.

And that’s the point really – you need to imply that you’re offering something new, something exciting and something potentially life changing.

And you know what the very best way to do that is? To actually offer all of those things! Come up with something amazing and then your title will automatically become ‘clickbait’.

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