To the internet, hashtags are without a doubt what red blood cells are to the human body. They have their origins on Twitter, and they have found their way to almost all aspects of digital marketing and lead generation. Social media marketing cannot do without hashtags; there is still, however, a sizeable number of Internet users who do not understand how to use them effectively.
Hashtags keep evolving calling for individuals to know the current and trending hashtags. Digital marketing experts advise that you use hashtags sparingly and only when they will add value to your posts. Using them too often can be annoying, confusing, and irritating to your target audience
Here are tips on how to use popular and current event hashtags in your favor.
Be Specific
To make hashtags work in your favor, you need to know your ideal audience, and then doing all you can to rouse a specific interest. Targeted audiences translate to better engagement for your posts, and using specific and popular niche hashtags earns you more site visits than general hashtags ever will.
Do not make the mistake of getting too sophisticated with your hashtags, make them easy to remember and memorable.
Use Restraint
There is the overwhelming need for using the current and popular hashtags to drive traffic to your posts. It may come off as a waste by using a few, but less is more with hashtags. Do not have more hashtags than words on your post to avoid diluting engagements from actual humans.
With popular hashtags, there is the possibility of attracting spambots, which might lead you to think you have a bigger following than you might do.
Be Quick
With popular and current hashtags, it is easy for a post to get fewer engagements than they deserve. Use hashtags monitoring sites often to see the trending hashtags that relate to your niche in business, and ensure you are quick and among the first to use them.
This way, you will be more discoverable, and your posts will help you to connect, build, and cement relationships with your audience.
Use on Multiple Networks
The average social media user is on at least three networks, and they look at the same topics that interest them. Make a habit of using hashtags on multiple social media networks to allow your brand more exposure to a wider audience. This makes your brand more memorable, especially when using a popular hashtag before a keyword.
For effective engagement of your posts, do not use more than two hashtags on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, 11 on Instagram. Search the hashtag before using it to ensure it resonates with your content and audience to ensure they work in your favor.

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