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Well, you’ve finished writing and editing your e-book, so now it’s time to sell it. And when you sell it, you have to get it to your readers as quickly as possible.

Much of the attraction of e-books is that they can be bought and received instantly. There is (or should be) no shipping delay. Within minutes of reading your great sales copy, someone should be able to purchase and download your e-book on the spot.

If your business is not set up for e-commerce, someone else who is set up for it will get your sale. If you think you can just wait to get an e-mail order and reply with your e-book as an attachment, then you just don’t get it. So forget completely about taking phone orders or fax orders for your e-books.

Instant e-book delivery is the way to go. Not only is the customer a happier customer because your e-book can be delivered on the spot, but you save yourself printing, shipping, and postage costs.

To deliver your e-book on the spot, you will need to set up your business for e-commerce. This means you need a shopping cart. I use Kick Start Cart ( to sign up for your own account or to get more information about this great system. You can also get a free e-book on how to choose a good shopping cart and delivery system by visiting the following website:

As a bonus, when you have your shopping system established and it’s ready to go, you can use it on an infinite number of websites, to sell an infinite variety of e-books. The more sites you configure with your shopping system, the cheaper your costs are per site.

You should know that you can sign-up with services that will sell your e-books for you, but the smart money is on using a one-stop shopping system on your own sites. You can configure them easily to deliver your e-book and you can start pulling in sales and giving customers what they want, when they want it.

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