Stepping into entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting and rewarding things an individual can do. Along the journey you will learn that there is so much involved in running your own business. Starting from the thought, to creation, to execution it can get overwhelming to say the least. Today we will talk about a few steps you can take to start to establish your business.

  1. Grab your domain name!

Securing your domain name is one step to take immediately to ensure your business name is secure. While this is not a sure-fire way to confirm that the trademark is available, usually having a domain name secured means that you will be able to build a presence online for your brand.

2. Get a professional email at your domain.

This will ensure that people who need to contact you can easily do so when they recognize brands name in the email. Also when sending out newsletters from your brand your emails are less likely to hit the spam folder or be ignored.

3. Decide what social media platforms you will use.

Begin to think about the platforms that you will start to use for your brand. Start with one or two at a time so that you are not overwhelmed and secure them with your brands name.

4. Register your business in your state.

Look up the statutes for your states business regulations and obtain the necessary licenses and file the type of entity. Be sure to do plenty of research and speak with a tax professional if needed to make the best decision.

5. Have proper contracts and relevant documents.

Using contracts in your business is very smart and a proactive step to take. It can protect you from liability in certain cases or even help to outline terms, conditions, and services to your clients. When you put things on paper or have clauses on your website it can eliminate confusion as you will be able to refer people to these documents. If you need quick easy affordable assistance with the legality aspect of your business check out a website called Artful Contracts. This website provides legal templates constructed by a real attorney that you can easily use and modify for your business.

6. Get organized.

Being organized is key for productivity. Seek out programs and applications that can help make your workflow easier. Organizing folders, having cloud storage, using SAS applications for tasks, or keeping a file cabinet for important documents are just a few examples of things you can do to stay organized.

I hope that this list was helpful to you and that you take a few of these steps to get your business going. Don’t over think it and take it one step at a time. It is even wise to seek help. Have you ever considered getting a business coach? Check out resources tab for additional help!

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