TMT is excited to pronounce its premier Business Coaching Package developed for entrepreneurs needing professional help to further their business.

“Many of our readers have expressed their concerns and worries about starting or improving their online business. With the way the online arena is growing competitively, it is imperative that entrepreneurs seek professional help as soon as they can to make sure their business is successful.” says Marquetta Hewitt CEO and Founder of The Magnificent Tycoon.

Marquetta has a premier coaching company called Divine Business Sense. However this company focuses more on businesses that are already established and have revenue of at least six figures. “I had been getting a lot of inquiries from new and inexperienced entrepreneurs who did not have the budget to commit to my more extensive and aggressive coaching services. So I decided to use the The Magnificent Tycoon as a way to serve that need for those of my audience who are just starting the journey and want to eliminate as many mistakes as possible.” says Marquetta.

Divine Business Sense provides access to a highly acclaimed Online DIY E-Learning Marketing system. Designed to help businesses get more leads, clients and sales. “The program helps businesses to focus on high income producing activities as well as develop and apply fundamentals that most high performing top grossing companies utilize today.” She says.

The program also includes one on one coaching sessions and access to a private mastermind group focused on marketing strategies and building client relationships. ” Coaching is something that I am aiming to normalize in the entrepreneurship niche. I remember starting out I had to go through a lot of trial and error, making lots of mistakes. I never realized there was a such thing as coaching or mentoring. We are often taught in our culture that everything must be hard and you have to struggle to be successful. Throughout my journey I have learned that this is not the case. It is okay and actually a smart move to network and seek help. We can’t do everything by ourselves. My group is also a community, a place where entrepreneurs no matter what level can come together to discuss matters of business marketing, give and receive value and create great businesses that serve to better the world.”

Marquetta looks forward to sharing future success stories of the program as it begins to take off. Entrepreneurs that are looking to start or improve their business financially with flying colors can enroll here.

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