All Business Coaching Packages Purchased will have a mandatory intake consultation. During this intake consultation the coach and coachee will agree or not agree to move forward with coaching.

After intake consultation and signing of documents and reception of signed documents you forfeit any refund of business coaching services. All terms are outlined in each package’s contract respectively in which the customer will have a chance to review said terms of contract and ask any questions they may have.

If after review of terms, the customer decides they would not like to move forward with coaching you will forfeit 30% of total retail cost of the coaching package. If the package was purchased at discount you will be charged 30% of regular retail price not the promotional price.

Business Coaching is not a guarantee of success, The Magnificent Tycoon is not a licensed professional. Our website serves as our knowledge base and we operate to the best of our ability using research from the trends and knowledge of the industry paired with advice from experts, our personal education and experience background. Business coaching serves as a tool to help you move forward on your business goals. Business coaching is NOT counseling, psychotherapy or any mental health service.

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