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We Partnered Up to Bring You Greatness!

The Magnificent Tycoon is happy to announce our partnership with Divine Business Sense. Divine Business Sense has launched a DIY online learning program designed to help business owners generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money.

In addition to online learning The Magnificent Tycoon has also worked with Divine Business Sense to create a unique coaching package designed specifically for Tycoons at a special rate! 

A lot of our readers have expressed the need for professional help and guidance. With this partnership The Magnificent Tycoon can bring you a dynamic program that will help you to start your business the correct way. 

Our coaching package in partnership with Divine Business Sense will provide you with the tools, resources and support you need to accomplish your business goals. 

  • Access to a State of the Art E-Learning Marketing System

  • One On One Coaching

  • Email Support

  • Access to a Private MasterMind Group